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Tai Kwun — Centre for Heritage and Arts – Autumn season 2019

Taking centre stage this autumn is Tai Kwun Dance Season 2019, with performing arts programmes that push the boundaries of the genre. Bringing history to life through art and performance, Projekt Berlin brings the best of Germany’s renowned arts and performance to Hong Kong. Autumn at Tai Kwun will also bring about two new contemporary art exhibitions, as well as the interactive heritage programme TK16: The Headquarters which reveals the fascinating stories of Police Headquarters Block throughout the past century.

Tai Kwun Dance Season 2019

Breaking forms, pushing boundaries and exploring identity through contemporary dance, Tai Kwun Dance Season 2019 will present a series of shows from renowned and independent performing artists. These talented figures hail from Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, America and beyond, bringing a fresh look at the power and the possibility of dance to audiences in Hong Kong.

16 Strings and One body

Award-winning Israeli actress, choreographer and dancer Renana Raz joins the Toscanini String Quartet for a dance performance that passionately integrates the energy of chamber music into her choreography. This inspiring juxtaposition of dance and music takes the performing arts experience to the next level, with imagination and drama building between melody and dance, as tension reverberates between the movement and rhythm. A concert by the Toscanini String Quartet will take place on 29 September. (27–29 September)


Independent contemporary Hong Kong dance duo Mcmuimui Dansemble (Abby Chan and Yeung Wai Mei) celebrate their 20thanniversary, reuniting for a reprise of their iconic humour and style. The limited series of performances at Tai Kwun centre around themes of identity, Hong Kong, age, gender and the lives of the dancers themselves from Asia to America. The work unveils weird and wonderful facets of Hong Kong urban life, integrating funny anecdotes and unexpected participants from the Hong Kong community into the performance. (4–6 October)


Inspired by his own grandfather’s story of immigrating to South Africa by ship, cross-media artist Enoch Cheng transforms the stage into a vessel traversing from past to future in this immersive dance event that encourages audience participation. Themes revolve around the search of identity and the collective experience of venturing into unknown lands, dancers’ bodies become containers of memory and enact the ritual of metamorphosis through choreography. (18–20 October)

Dream Team

Experience a dance revolution waiting to spark from an ordinary “underground” ballroom! Israeli choreographer Dana Ruttenburg has put together a “Dream Team” of seemingly ordinary figures who together comprise a deviant gang — a 60-year-old performer, a has-been dancer turned physiotherapist, a single mother who seeks her return to the stage and a choreographer. Audiences are encouraged to participate in this immersive experience of madness, joy and sadness, as the performers reveal their dreams, fantasies and nightmares. (24–27 October)

Mind Flowing – Hip Hop Battle, Workshop and Showcase

Learn to control your mind and apply that power to dance! Everyone is invited to come and witness two days of dance performance, competition and community workshops at the Tai Kwun Parade Ground. The first day of dance will introduce contact improvisation, capoeira, house and hip-hop; while the second day will bring in dance crews from the Mainland, Japan and Taiwan to showcase their signature street dance moves. Truly a feast of dance all in one place! (12–13 October)

Partnering with Hong Kong Ballet and CCDC

This autumn Tai Kwun is partnering with two of the city’s flagship dance companies in Hong Kong – Hong Kong Ballet and City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) – to bring rich programme of films, interactive experiences and live performances to visitors of Tai Kwun. There will be a variety of free public programmes to see stunning Hong Kong Ballet dancers as they take on beautiful, vibrant, technically challenging works of performance both classical and modern (5–6 October). Meanwhile, CCDC’s Jumping Frames will capture and share the interplay of inspiration between dance and film, influencing one another’s choreography in creative, unexpected ways. (7–15 September)

Projekt Berlin

Tai Kwun joins hands with the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany Hong Kong,  Goethe-Institut Hong Kong and visitBerlin to present Projekt Berlin 2019, sharing a wide variety of music, dance, film and arts experiences with the community. Bringing all of Tai Kwan’s distinctive venues together, the programme will delve into the history of a city torn in two and reborn, its intrinsic resilience finding relevance in every era. (4–17 November)

Contemporary art and culture

Very Natural Actions

Presented by Arts Collective at Tai Kwun Contemporary, the exhibition Very Natural Actions looks at how contemporary art breaks the constraints of tradition, compelling viewers to move beyond the surface of an art piece and delve deeper into the traces of artistic practice. Representing both a process and a medium, the artworks constitute a bridge from artists to the audience, engendering myriad ideas and questioning what artistic possibilities are unlocked through revealing the hidden dimensions of the artistic creation process. (22 September – 31 December)

Phantom Plane, Cyberpunk in the Year of the Future

Curated by Lauren Cornell, Dawn Chan, Xue Tan, and Tobias Berger, the Tai Kwun Contemporary exhibition Phantom Plane, Cyberpunk in the Year of the Future, examines how cyberpunk aesthetics and futurism have seeped into contemporary art and visual culture, while exploring how the initial allure of the cyber-metropolis has morphed into an inescapable feedback loop. The exhibition will feature urban panoramas and snapshots of their underworlds, observing the dystopian future envisioned by science fiction. (4 October 2019 – 4 January 2020)

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