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Restaurateur Vivian Wong along with executive chef, Eligio Escobedo, who hails from Mexico, have made it their mission to bring the finest Mexican food to the shores of Hong Kong and have so far succeeded.

Their restaurant, Verde Mar (Green Sea) is located in the business district of Wanchai and is amongst a cluster of other well-known dining venues. Ingrained with a passion to spread Mexican food and culture to the city, the staff pour their heart and soul into each of Verde Mar’s dishes which are lovingly prepared and made with fresh, seasonal ingredients in order to produce a truly authentic taste and feel.

Like any cuisine, Mexican food is ever-evolving and changing and this is reflected in Verde Mar’s diverse choice of food. For starters, patrons can try their Signature Fried Chicken, Super Nachos and Chimachangas.

Verde Mar have a fine range of meat dishes including Steak Arrechera Carne Asada, Birra Beef Stew, Carnitas Pork En Molcajete and much more. For these who like vegetable dishes, you can check out their Mexican Truffle Salad, Romaine with Avacado salad and Chargrilled Cactus. The flavours are distinctive and can be felt in every bite.

For those who like fish or seafood, you can select their Seafood Paella along with starters like Shrimp Ceviche Al Pesto and Agua Chile Snapper.

For dessert, patrons can also try the Churros as well as the flavoured drinks in the form of a Horchata (Sweet Mexican Rice Milk) and Jarritos which are both popular soft drinks native to Mexico.

Verde Mar offers a relaxing yet vibrant atmosphere and has been endorsed by both the Mexican Consulate and CNN as a place to visit to sample Mexican delights. With well-prepared dishes and a relaxing ambience, Verde Mar offers the most original Mexican food in Hong Kong and is worth sampling.

Wander and travel over to Verde Mar for the best in Mexican cuisine!

Verde Mar
24 Tai Wong Street East
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Nearest MTR exit is Wanchai MTR Exit A3.


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