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Interview with Vivian Wong of “Verde Mar” – Mexican Restaurant in Hong Kong

Thank you to Vivian Wong, owner of Verde Mar, for sharing about her passion for Mexican food and why she decided to share her love of Mexican food to those close to her and beyond!

Verde Mar

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Why did you decide to focus on Mexican food?

“When I quit my banking job in 2010, I wanted to do something that can create value to the community. Then I toyed with the idea of running my own business. I fell in love with Mexican food when I was studying in California and back then there weren’t any Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong. So I thought to combine my interest (i love Mexican food) with my career ie open a Mexican restaurant. I figured even with the worst case scenario, I still get to eat Mexican food every day it can’t be a bad idea!” 

Avocado ice cream

“Throughout the years, I realize that running a Mexican restaurant is good, but it will be even better if my restaurant can help the world become a better place to live. So while we maintain all our Mexican dishes and traditional cooking methods (our chef is Mexican), we started to focus more on vegetarian dishes, clean cooking, clean eating. So we launched a vegan menu and avocado menu and the avocado menu had become an instant success.” 

Fish Veracruz

People different views of what Mexican food is, such as Tacos, etc – What truly is Mexican food?

“Mexican food is not just tacos and nachos. It is a fusion of flavors and styles that comes from centuries of merging unique ingredients, not only from North America but also from Europe (Spain brought over a lot of ingredients, species etc). That is why it is so good. Mexican food focus on bringing the best flavours and is prepared with the freshest ingredients.”

Avacado Salad

“The essence of the cuisine lies in all the sauce (salsa) which usually is prepared with the basic ingredients such as tomato, onion, cilantro, chili. Combining the freshest ingredients with different kinds of species, it yields amazing variety of flavors. That so many of them are immensely satisfying, distinctly different yet so universally appealing is one reason why Mexican cooking is attaining it’s long deserved status as a world-class cuisine on par with Italian and French cuisine.”

Banana Split

All your food is great though if you could only recommend one dish, what would it be?

“Halibut Veracruz! It is one of the first fusion dishes in the world. A dish of immense complexity and extraordinary depth of flavors. The veracruz sauce is a mix of Old World and New World ingredients, combining the olives, capers with tomatoes and chiles. It is not only tasty but also a representative of what Mexican culture is.” 

Wander and travel over to Verde Mar for the best in Mexican cuisine!

Verde Mar
24 Tai Wong Street East
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Nearest MTR exit is Wanchai MTR Exit A3.

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