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The Asia Contemporary Art show is the only art fair in Hong Kong which is held twice a year and is a favourite amongst dealers, buyers and artists themselves for it’s cosy and intimate setting. The show aims to make high quality art more accessible with reasonable prices and deals which in turn allows collectors and art buyers, the opportunity to browse and sell original paintings, rare limited editions, ceramics, sculptures and photography. 

The art show is unique as it uses the rooms of the Conrad Hotel Hong Kong, which in turn, serve as the exhibition areas. Thus, patrons can go wander from room to room and browse at their own leisure. Such is the scale of the show is that there are roughly 65 exhibitors from over twenty different country displaying over 14,000 pieces of work in total. Such is the intimate setting that the artists are normally on hand to discuss their work to visitors. 

Jeff Murray, who specialises in incredible artwork and prints especially of cities, was happy to share how he started his career which began as a passion which in turn became a full time career. 

“It started just over seven years ago when I first started and this was when I discovered I could start selling my work as a profession. I enjoyed it since a young age and always wanted to pursue that passion in some form of career. It was just over seven years ago and it just came about and I have not done anything else ever since.” 

All artists are inspired by something or a spark and for Murray, it was the medium of travel and seeing more of the world broadened his outlook and his creative ideas.  

“Most of my work is inspired by travel and places I have visited. The inspiration is filled by having a broader mindset and going to different places also gave me many ideas as the medium of pen I use is quite useful as it is just a pen and a sketch pad and this means that I can / could create as I was travelling. One piece can take a few days to a few weeks though larger works can take a few months. A larger work can take to seven to eight hundred hours which is like three and a half months and this working five to six days a week and ten plus hours a day and I go through a lot of pens as well!”

Some artists need to be totally focussed to work though Murray stressed that he could focus without distractions. 

“I can draw with distractions around me. I can draw when someone is talking to me, with music on and if the door bell goes. It does not send me out of the zone and I can jump straight back in.” 

The art show also features not just individuals but sometimes collectives of artists such as Art Tu: which sees many freelance artists helping to inspire each other and each other’s works.  Art Tu: was founded in Hong Kong in 2017 and they showcase artworks in different mediums from contemporary artists who are not only talented individuals, but also successful professionals within their own fields of specialty.

Artist Dora Lee, who is part of the Art Tu collective, was happy to share her views on her art and what it means to her and how she started. 

“My painting, ‘Be Merry’ is based on the expression of happiness and that there is hope in the world and this is inspired by the bible and god and most of my paintings are related to Christianity and my feelings and how I perceive the world.”

Lee was also happy to share how her side career began. Her life motto “Do it afraid” and her belief in God and her childlike vision has made her not only a confident person, but a confident artist and this is reflected in her striking pieces.

“First of all, I started my painting journey since ten years ago  but I think, when I started to think that I can develop this further was about one and half years ago with more inspiration from my fellows and my leaders. We always worked together!”

The Founder of Art Tu, Leon Lai, further elaborated on the founding of Art Tu and what it’s purpose was and how the name came about.

“The concept of Art Tu was that we wanted to play with the number two as most of the artists that we have at Art Tu, have their own profession and are also artists so have a double identity so that is why and it is also the French word for ‘You’ which implies that you can be a part of us. This is the fourth show for the Asia Contemporary Art show but we also do other shows like the the Affordable Art show.” 

The art show is also an excellent networking opportunity and there are chances to meet other like-minded people and the art show facilitates this with showcases such as the “Artists Dialogues” where artists and collectors can meet one on one and have a chat.  

The show has artists from all around the world with a large contingent from South Korea such as the artists from Gallery Knot such as Park Jaeyoung, Soyeon, Yi Soelmin and Jang Minjee.

Malaysia is represented by artists such as Mishell Leong and artists from Australia such as Eddie Botha and Elizabeth Langreiter. There are also artists from China such as Gao Xiao Lin and Yang Pengcheng while nations like Myramar, amongst many others, are represented by artists like Aung Myint. 

The art is not all contemporary paintings and the show had a lot of wonderfully moulded ceramics and one artist, self-trained artist, Adeline Buenaventura’s gallery, showed her passion for details and designs as she draws, and paints freehand on fiberglass sculptures.

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