Wander and Travel to the…36th Leitz Photographica Auction: The personal Leica M2 Black Paint of the famous photographer Walker Evans is going to be auctioned!

The 36th camera auction, with over 400 lots from the renowned auction house “Leitz Photographica Auction” means we can once again look forward to fierce bidding for numerous important pieces and special collector’s items. Many of the items coming up for sale are, as always, from the house of Leitz/Leica.

The top-class lots include the Leica M2 Black Paint of the famous photographer Walker Evans (estimate € 40,000 – € 50,000). Walker Evans was an American photographer and photojournalist. He was one of the most important photographers of the twentieth century and he mainly worked in the USA. However, his enormous artistic influence was in evidence throughout the world and not just limited to the USA. Walker Evans purchased the camera in 1962 and used it until 1973. The camera originates from the private ownership of Walker Evans’ personal and professional assistant, who was given the camera as a present.

Other auction highlights include the Leica M2 Grey Paint Betriebskamera (estimate € 400,000 – € 500,000). In 1960, Leitz produced twenty grey painted M2 cameras and, based on current knowledge, from that series there are now only about 10 remaining, so the grey M2 is one of the rarest Leicas ever produced in series.

The camera being offered for sale is an original pre-production model of the grey M2 and bearing the serial number 2071 it belongs to a series of Leica M2 Betriebskameras (2001-2082) that were manufactured between 1958 and 1962.

One camera that is extremely interesting historically is the Leica 0-Series Prototype (estimate: € 800,000 – € 1,000,000). Historically, the famous prototype transition camera is positioned between the Ur-Leica and the first production models of the 0-Series. It is a very interesting hybrid that shows the progress of technical development from the prototype to the early production camera.

During its lifetime the camera being offered for sale has undergone multiple modifications and it probably served as a test camera for several years. The lot includes a detailed expertise from Ottmar Michaely.

The importance of this camera in the history of photography has already been confirmed by many Leica experts, such as Paul-Henry van Hasbroeck and Ottmar Michaely. It was precisely this camera that was illustrated in Paul-Henry van Hasbroeck’s ‘The Leica – A History Illustrating Every Model and Accessory – Revised Edition’ (photo 1 in the illustrated preface).

Leitz Photographica Auction is pleased to be able to auction a lot for charity again, in collaboration with Caritas Wien. The Leica M10 Prototype P01 (estimate: € 8,000 – € 10,000) features many small details that distinguish it from the production M10, e.g. the “Push” setting on the ISO wheel, the missing front button and the different design of battery compartment. A highly fascinating camera and a future collector’s item!

Bids for the upcoming camera auction on 13th June 2020 can be submitted online (www.leitzauction.com) and in writing or by telephone, live throughout the world on http://www.liveauctioneers.com and http://www.invaluable.com.

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