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Wander and Travel over to ‘Herald Fitness’….How to Keep Fit at Home!

Fitness is key to a life well lived and everyone’s fitness is their own responsibility though having some guidance and tips is always readily welcome. At this moment in time, people may find it hard to workout outside and many people are transforming their own homes (or any space they can find) into their own personal workout space. Though, are people working out in the correct way?

Fitness expert, Jeremy Lim of Herald Fitness in Hong Kong, offered some tips on how to maintain fitness levels while at home and stressed that people need to know themselves and their own bodies before they began the process.

“Right at this moment, more people have started to think about getting healthier. ‘Herald Fitness’ have tips on how people can do a home workout; we suggest people to do some lightweights and some body weights.  Even at home, people can get fitter and know more about their body and to get fitter, you have to know more about your own body. During this time period, some people have a lot of spare time to work on themselves so I think it is good for people to try some easy workouts themselves!” 

Herald Fitness have been sharing videos with their members and the general public though again, people have to be disciplined and focus on positive habits.

“Herald Fitness will try to take some videos to share with others via our social media for our students and for the general public. To get healthier,  another factor concerns a person’s diet so people have to rethink their daily routine and life and so people can start to cut their bad habits as people can do all the good things to improve health.”

Jeremy and Richmond Lim of Herald Fitness

Even the ‘fittest’ person ever had to start from somewhere and were a ‘beginner’ so even if you are a novice then the only way is up. Lim encourages people to try out a new routine which can then become a normal habit.

“In this period, people can avoid unhealthy things and this is a good thing and people can also do some sports and work on their fitness levels. We have shared some videos for people, who are really beginners, who are at home right now who have no experience with fitness so I have let them do some really simple work on different levels so they can try and feel their muscles.”

Globally, there are millions of gyms though what makes gyms like Herald Fitness stand out? Behind the consumer culture behind some gyms is the ‘heart’ and true care that Herald Fitness have for all those who come through their doors.

“Herald Fitness has ‘heart’ and working out is something that is common but the ‘way’ of working out is different. How we teach and how we let our students love the process is important! We don’t want students to force themselves to do something we do not want and we want people to naturally enjoy a new habit which can also interest others.” 

A sign of a great venture is how ‘word of mouth’ from happy and satisfied customers draws in other potential people who want to work on their fitness levels and create a new life.

“Most of Herald Fitness’s students came from ‘word of mouth’ and in this way, it is more about the results and how they feel about us! Our members feel positive and they want to influence others in a healthier way and their mindset.” 

Lim was quick to note that ‘change’ is all about a person’s mindset and a positive mindset can see a person make huge changes in their life.

“It is about a person’s mindsets and the reason we share our testimonies is because we want people to gain a vision of how to transform and the process of transformation! If there is no vision then it will never happen. The students who come to ‘Herald Fitness’ got the results they wanted so there is no excuse for others not to get fit. It is more about ‘What is a person’s goal?’ If you want to a super-model in one month; it is impossible as it has to be a gradual process but we can cooperate with each other and follow guidelines! We can all work together to get fit and make it happen!” 

For more information, go to:


Room 1, 5/Floor. AT Tower, 180 Electric Road (Fortress Hill MTR Station Exit A2)

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