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Wander and Travel to…OSTERIA MARZIA

As the warm summer months roll in, Osteria Marzia debuts a new menu taking its cues from the seasonally abundant tomatoes and zucchini grown throughout the scenic seaside regions of Italy. Having reached peak ripeness and flavour under the warm sun, each ingredient is the perfect accompaniment to the vibrant and colourful dishes which have become synonymous with the restaurant’s seaside-inspired fare.  An ode to the season, Chef Lisette presents a series of masterfully crafted dishes celebrating Italy’s summer harvest and its coveted seasonal produce that will transport you with every bite to the sun-kissed Italian shores.

Each dish was designed to celebrate and accentuate the natural textures and flavours of these seasonal ingredients, and Chef Lisette uses her creativity and experience with coastal Italian techniques to incorporate each one effortlessly into the menu. These vibrant and cheerful summer flavours are enhanced in dishes like Terrina di Pomodoro ($238), an antipasto where the flavourful heirloom tomato is encased within a layered terrine alongside tangy nectarines and brought effortlessly together with a rich and creamy burrata, verdant basil pesto and delicate zucchini flower. With a love for the art of pasta-making, something first learnt during her time at Gramercy Tavern in New York, Chef Lisette’s passion is immediately apparent in her meticulously prepared Lorighittas Al Nero ($298)a house-made ragu with squid ink and beautifully braided lorighittas pasta.

Balancing the richness of the crab with the freshness of seasonal zucchini, the dish is complemented by intense bursts of flavour from crisp cherry tomatoes and sprinkled with whole basil leaves.  Rounding out the menu is a showstopping Orata Alla Griglia ($388), a succulent sea bream fillet, delicately roasted tomatoes and zucchini rounds served with a light and zesty tomato date consommé. Each dish on this seasonal menu was carefully crafted to reflect the diversity of the bright and refreshing flavours from these iconic coastal Italian regions, from Campania through Amalfi and Puglia to Southern Sicily.

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