Beautiful blue skies call for rosé and, following the success of the acclaimed Fortnum’s Sparkling Tea, Fortnum’s is proud to unveil a rosé with a difference – Rosé Sparkling Tea (HK$ 268).

The announcement follows an incredible appetite for Fortnum’s Sparkling Tea, which immediately rose to the top of its category in sales since its debut in Hong Kong in November 2019.

Different to the zesty flavour of the original Sparkling Tea, this delicious drink is notably drier and has berry flavours which reflect the taste of an elegant rosé, alongside even more tea per litre than before. The result is an incredibly complex, crisp and elegant Sparkling Tea with absolutely zero artificial additives.

The complex brew consists of 11 organic teas, including Fortnum’s Sencha, Silver Needle and Darjeeling. The addition of hibiscus, which lends a pink colour to the liquid, is responsible for the dryness, red fruit flavours and complex herbal tannins, making this drink perfect for tea fans.

“We all know that warm weather and rosé go together like, well, tea and biscuits, and since we first launched the original Fortnum’s Sparkling Tea, our team has worked hard meticulously developing, tasting and tweaking this Rosé Sparkling Tea. We’re delighted to finally present Fortnum’s Rosé Sparkling Tea, another creative innovation in our tea history – it really is the perfect non-alcoholic drink to celebrate a re-union with a loved one or as a gift for a Rosé loving mum-to-be.”

Zia Zareem-Slade, Customer Experience Director, Fortnum & Mason.

For expectant mums, teetotallers, or those simply wishing to cut down a little, Sparkling Tea is perfect for those who seek interesting alternatives to alcohol. The success of Fortnum’s Sparkling Tea shows that many Hong Kongers are already seeing it as the perfect substitute for a glass of champagne.

Tasting notes include:

‘Nose of raspberry Pavlova, sherbet, wild strawberries, elderflower and Oolong.
The palate opens to tropical fruits, cranberry, hints of ginger, and deep layers of Darjeeling complimented by light, fresh Japanese Sencha. Delicate tannins from the teas and hibiscus lend firm, precise structure and herbal complexity.
The finish is long and satisfyingly round, with white tea, a touch of baked dough, and delicate spice inviting the next sip…’

To order a bottle, visit Fortnum & Mason at:

Shop 022, G/F, K11 Atelier, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

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