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Wander and Travel to….GUU SAN at H Zentre in Tsim Sha Tsui! About 5,000 Square Feet of New Supermarket Containing Essence of Japanese Cultural Life

Hong Kong people have been loving Japan for a long time. It might be the fact that people have found a way to be self-consistent with themselves from Japanese culture and achieve a state of physical and mental balance through Japanese food and handicrafts culture. In this year which is full of challenges and pressure, a brand new premium Japanese boutique grocery store GUU SAN which is located in the heart of the city will grandly open on September 26. It is situated on the ground floor of H Zentre, Middle Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, providing Hong Kong people with an experience of Japanese culture as well as a good place to calm their body and mind, while relieving stress.

The name GUU SAN contains the deep meaning of “GUU ds from the valley, SAN ctuary of the city”. Like a small valley full of crops, GUU SAN brings abundance, satisfaction and joyfulness to customers; like the brilliance of the sun, moon and stars that contains the dew of the valleys, GUU SANprovides us with nature’s blessings. With the opening of GUU SAN, we hope to bring new and ideal choices for exquisite Japanese-lifestyle lovers and busy urbanites who pursue excellence in food quality and health.

Multiple Well-Designed Areas Enjoy the Leisurely Japanese Life

GUU SAN is located at H Zentre in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, covering an area of about 5,000 square feet. It is adjacent to East Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Tsim Sha Tsui Station and Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier. Customers can easily go to the supermarket whether by public transportation or by car. The design of GUU SAN is inspired by Japan’s natural scenery, style and features, incorporating the Zen-infused Japanese decorations and warm natural lighting to bring out the aura of GUU SAN. The ceiling design reflects the torii of Japanese shrines, while the theme wall is inspired by running water that refreshes the soul. In addition, the supermarket counter’s design is based on the Japanese-style koi pond garden. When customers step into GUU SAN, they can enjoy the exquisite and leisurely life of a classic Japanese style and to spend peaceful time wandering through a Japanese town. What’s more, there is a pet-friendly area at the open space of GUU SAN. After shopping, dog owners can chill with their fluffy pets on benches outdoor and enjoy their happy moments.

It is worth mentioning that there is a LED art installation all over the ceiling of GUU SAN, THE SALFEE BAR and KOME KORNER, alternately playing themed videos with mellow watercolor style during mornings, afternoons and evenings. The videos also come with smooth and lively pure music, making the supermarket a place of joyful tunes. When customers are choosing goods, it is like being in a comfortable, healing, relaxing and peaceful Japanese farm location, helping them return to a clear mind.

In GUU SAN, there is a Nutrition and Light Meal Area, Lifestyle Area and Supermarket Area. Customers can choose their favourite according to their preferences and needs.

Nutrition and Light Meal Area


Akita Komachi, one of the highest quality pearl rice in Japan, is carefully selected to make handcrafted healthy and nutritious omusubi and bento. It gives a new definition to fast food, expecting customers to slow down physically and mentally and rest well while having pure and delicious Japanese food.


The word “SALFEE” is composed of Salad and Coffee, and also takes the homonym of the word #selfie#. The brand firmly believes that “You are what you eat” and hopes to satisfy customers from their hearts through combinations of creative flavor, Instagram-able products and fresh and healthy ingredients.

Lifestyle Area


With the Japanese spirit of constantly improving and the concept of reducing packaging and waste, customers can fill the paper bags provided by the supermarket with healthy nuts and whole grains as needed. To celebrate the grand opening of GUU SAN, SAWAYA launched Limited Assorted Japanese Rice Gift Box, including three top Japanese rice – Saitama Sai No Kagayaki, Tokushima Koshihikari and Aaichi No Kaori.

In addition, the lifestyle area also includes a number of products from high-quality lifestyle brands around the world, including yoga mat from SORA Towel yoga, hand-made tea from PLANTATION tea house, high protein formula plant based pet food from Wild Earth, organic chocolate from Loving Earth, vegetable vegan snacks from Vegan Rob’s, vegan coconut snacks without egg, milk and gluten from Coco Paradise, etc.

Supermarket Area

GUU SAN has collected a variety of high-quality products for customers to select, including: fresh fruits and vegetables directly delivered from Japan, dairy products, frozen and pre-packaged foods, daily groceries, personal care products, pet products, baby food and products, etc. Upholding the aim of “Meeting friends through goods”, the brand gathers people who pursue the same quality of life and admire the simplicity and refinement of Japanese culture.

Wonderful Opening Gifts to Create the Experience of Being in Japan

To celebrate the official opening of GUU SAN, the brand holds a series of wonderful privileges and activities from September 26 to October 25, bringing customers Japanese-style surprises.

Full Shopping Quota Discounts and Wish-Making Zone

Customers who reach the specified amount in a single purchase at GUU SAN will receive different privileges:

Sum of ConsumptionPrivileges:
HK$100 Up1 GUU SAN commemorative gold coin and 1 wish card
HK$300 Up1 HK$30 coupon, 3 GUU SAN commemorative gold coins and 1 wish card
HK$500 Up1 GUU SAN handbag, 5 GUU SAN commemorative gold coins and 1 wish card
HK$800 Up1 GUU SAN handbag, 1 coffee mug, 8 GUU SAN commemorative gold coins and 1 wish card

2020 is a challenging year for many people. To make every guest who visits GUU SAN feel blessed, GUU SAN specially designs a wishing area modeled Japanese shrines, which combines tradition Japanese worship culture from appearance to practical use.

Holding GUU SAN commemorative gold coins and wishing cards at the whishing area, customers can first shake the “すずお”(suzuo), then throw the commemorative gold coins into the wishing pool. At last, customers can write wishes on the wishing card, and hang the cards on the whishing shelves on both sides of GUU SAN entrance to pray for realizing their wishes. GUU SAN hopes to take this opportunity to send heartfelt wishes and blessings to customers, and to share these blessings with their loved ones and friends.

Free Parking Discount

From September 26 to October 25, with 2 same-day official receipts (accumulated up), customers who have spent a specified amount in GUU SAN can redeem parking privileges at H Zentre G/F Concierge:

Sum of Consumption:(A maximum of 2 same-day receipts can be accumulated)Free Parking Discount
HK$300 Up2 Hours

Scan QR Code Activity

From September 26 to October 25, the LED art installation in GUU SAN will display different Japanese-style scene animations during mornings, afternoons and evenings, and QR codes will appear from time to time. As long as customers take the opportunity to successfully scan the QR code, they can receive various mysterious offers.


From September 26 to October 25, customers who spend at KOME KORNER and THE SALFEE BAR can enjoy the following benefits:

1.          Free size upgrade for all salad2.          Follow THE SALFEE BAR IG account to enjoy 40% off for any food purchase (except pour over coffee and siphon) once3.          Free drip bag coffee for any combination purchase4.          Collect 10 stamps to get 1 free coffee5.          10% off for all items by presenting the same-day original receipt of KOME KORNER10% off of all products, including T-shirts, omusubi and bentoBuy 5 get 1 free on OmusubiFollow KOME KORNER IG account to get a cup of Japanese Genmaicha for free10% off for all items by presenting the same-day original receipt of THE SALFEE BAR 

*Terms and conditions apply to all promotion. For more details, please refer to in-store promotional materials.

For more high resolution photos, please browse:


GUU SAN is a subsidiary of Unicorn Stores (HK) Limited. It aims to provide Japanese high-quality fresh food and groceries, bringing new and ideal choices for exquisite Japanese-lifestyle lovers and busy urbanites who pursue excellence in food quality and health. The name GUU SAN, comes from its Chinese name 谷辰, “Guu” meaning valley and “San” indicates the time of day. It also serves as a word play to introduce our mascot Mr. Guu-San. Our motto is “GUU ds from the valley, SAN ctuary of the city”. Like a small valley full of crops, GUU SAN brings abundance, satisfaction and joyfulness to customers; and like the brilliance of the sun, moon and stars that shine upon the dew of the valleys, GUU SAN provides us with nature’s blessings. When customers walk into GUU SAN, they can enjoy four ideal life spirits of “Shelter”, “Growth”, “Rest” and “Convergence” advocated by the brand. These spirits inject vitality into the busy life of urbanites and make them feel relaxed and joyful both physically and mentally. Aside from GUU SAN, Unicorn Stores (HK) Limited, formerly known as UNY (HK) Ltd, also operates department stores and supermarket outlets under the APITA and UNY brands. Currently they are operating 3 stores in APITA Taikoo Shing Store, UNY Lok Fu Store and UNY Yuen Long Store. It continues to keep the goal of becoming the most trusted and popular destination for groceries in Hong Kong


01-02 G/F, 15 Middle Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Business Hour:


Supermarket: 09:00-21:00

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