Wander and Travel to …Kerry Hotel as Red Sugar Transforms into “The Wild Monkey Inn

An Immersive Pop-Up in Collaboration with Cult-Favourite Monkey 47 Gin

Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong’s popular rooftop cocktail bar, Red Sugar launches quirky cultural destination experience “The Wild Monkey Inn” on 25 November 2020.  The bar has partnered up with cult-favourite Monkey 47 ultra-premium gin to celebrate the turn of the season by transporting guests into a fully immersive world of Monkey 47 with décor and eclectic visuals that tell the story of the internationally-awarded gin – an eccentric combination of 47 botanicals, hand-crafted with British traditions, the exotic allure of India and the magical, untouched roots of Black Forest, Germany. Guests will follow monkey footprints to enter through a mural of Wild Monkey corridor, welcomed by a rustic fireplace, into the Monkey Inn lounge – all are ultra-posh and very insta-worthy!

This immersive sight will feature a menu of exclusive Monkey cocktails by Head Bartender, Simon Kong and complemented by Monkey 47-inspired bar snacks. Sit back and soak up the handsome Monkey décors, and Red Sugar’s signature 270-degree view of the city’s skyline at the terrace, while sipping on the playful Monkey cocktails handcrafted with flavour-rich botanicals. Simon has carefully selected complementing ingredients to lift the ultra-unique flavour profile of Monkey 47 gin – traditional juniper and lavender, fresh citrus peel and lingonberry, spruce shoots and bramble leaves foraged from the Black Forest. This all-new Monkey cocktail series offer a drinking pleasure that is almost unbelievably complex, evolves over the tongue and moves from bright citrus to delicate florals to gently spiced pepper. 

The Monkey 47-inspired Cocktails: 

Monkey Tonic – HK$128

Max the Monkey – HK$148 

Black Forest – HK$148

 ZWA (Zum Wilden Affen) – HK$148

The Treasure – HK$148 

The Monkey 47-inspired Bites:

Monkey 47 Gin Cured Salmon – HK$98

Mini Black Forest Doughnuts – HK$98 

Roasted Ham Hock & Smoked Cheese Croquettes –  HK$98 

*Prices are subject to 10% service charge 

Immersive Wild Monkey experience:

Monkey o’Clock
Monkey o’Clock, by all means the Gin o’Clock! Daily at this destined hour, the Wild Monkey will jump out from the clock to announce “IT’S TIME FOR A DRINK!” For one hour only, starting at 7:47pm during this promotional period, guests can enjoy HK$20 off the Monkey Tonic. Rejoice and let’s keep this Monkey cuckoo out!

The Monkey Treasure Box

Shh!! The Wild Monkey has left a treasure box – a treasure hunt game in Red Sugar! Guests are invited to search for clues scattered around the venue to unlock valuable prize of thenight. The treasure box hosts special prize every night, some are limited edition bottles, first come first serve.

The Monkey’s Room (Doll House)

Take a peek in the Wild Monkey’s room and explore where this cheeky fella stays at The Monkey Inn. This Monkey 47 doll house is tailor-made for the wild monkey and was flown in from Germany exclusively for this pop-up. Look closely and guests will be stunned by its intricate details, make it a perfect backdrop to create impressive social feeds.

Off the Menu cocktails by Monkey 47 Brand Ambassador Luca Andrei 

Look for Luca Andrei, Monkey 47 Brand Ambassador every Thursday during promotion. Adventurous guests will be greeted by Luca and can tell him their preferred flavours; sour, bitter, citrusy…etc. Luca will create a tailor-made Monkey 47 cocktail on the spot! Available on 3, 10 and 17 December 2020 (Thursdays).

Monkey 47 Gin Masterclasses

These sessions will be all about Gin, guests are invited to join the two interactive masterclasses with Monkey 47 Brand Ambassador, Luca Andrei on 5 and 19 December. These classes will be sampling a large array of gin such as Beefeater, Plymouth, Monkey 47 dry Gin, Monkey 47 Barrel cut; and guests will then take the unique taste profiles learn how to create the perfect Gin & Tonic. Limited seats are available on 5 and 19 December 2020 (Saturdays).

HK$498 /guest; HK$988 / 2 guests

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