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Wander and Travel…to Honjo with a New Dreamer Tasting Menu

With travel plans shelved for many this season, Honjo now offers intrepid diners a gastronomic escape to progressive Japanese dining. New dishes reimagine the beloved Dreamer Tasting Menu with creations that push the boundaries of technique and ingredient combinations.

The Dreamer builds on Honjo’s philosophy grounded in classic Japanese precision, yet, with elements and flavours that are bold, adventurous and borderless.

The restaurant’s talented culinary team developed a collaborative approach, freely drawing inspiration from Japan’s bountiful land and sea and their diverse backgrounds as international chefs from the world’s top food destinations.

Through using Japanese cuisine as a grounding element, the team’s collective creativity soars with the finesse of French technique, and the more abstract and adventurous freedom afforded by unrestricted global culture.

Honjo’s New Dreamer Tasting Menu

The new Dreamer Tasting Menu is grounded in the holistic elements of Earth and Sea.

在旅行限制下,Honjo為老饕們帶來回味日本美饌的好機會。Honjo團隊把廚藝及材料配搭推到極致,篇寫出全新The Dreamer試味套餐。餐單環繞Honjo的啟學—以藝高膽大的手藝和材料,碰撞傳統細膩的日本風味。

The Dreamer試味套餐

Honjo團隊以豐富海洋及陸地為靈感,結合傳統日本料理和國際佳餚的精髓,撰寫出The Dreamer試味套餐。


A piece of cake on a plate

Description automatically generatedHamachi (tasting menu only)A blue bowl on a table

Description automatically generatedKani Salad (HKD230; 10g caviar HKD150)
A chocolate cake on a plate

Description automatically generatedEast Meets West (HKD180)A plate of food

Description automatically generatedZucchini Flower Tempura (HKD160)
A bowl of fruit salad

Description automatically generatedChef’s Selection of Sushi & SashimiAustralian Striploin BMS 3 (tasting menu only)
A bowl of fruit on a plate

Description automatically generatedLemongrass Granita (tasting menu only)A bowl of fruit on a plate

Description automatically generatedNorth Meets South (tasting menu only)
A room filled with furniture and a table

Description automatically generatedHonjoA large room

Description automatically generatedHonjo

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