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Wander and Travel and try some..WHITE TRUFFLES

In celebration of white truffle season, Chefs Braden Reardon of Carbone and Josh Stumbaugh of Associazione Chianti present à la carte dishes highlighting the elusive, earthy morsels, available from now until the end of the season (usually early December).

Unlike almost everything else, 2020 looks to be an exceptional year for white truffles, with all indications that this autumn will yield a particularly good harvest. The aromatic white Alba truffles from Piedmont, Italy, are showcased at Carbone where tuxedo-clad captains present the truffles tableside, and guests select their preferred piece, whole or by the gram ($138 per gram). 

The specials, dedicated to the white truffle, feature Truffle Fettuccine ($648) showered with delicate truffle shavings, truffle-topped fluffy Japanese Eggs on Brioche ($498), and Truffle Tortellini ($748) served with white truffle butter, sheep’s milk ricotta and parmesan. To add more swagger to Carbone favourites such as the Carpaccio Piemontese or any of the steaks, all can be elevated with lavish shavings of white gold.

To complete the experience, white truffle dishes are best enjoyed alongside Piemonte varietals cultivated from the same soil, such as the Cordero Di Montezemolo ‘Elioro’ Chardonnay 1997 ($2308), or the Roberto Voerzio ‘Rocche dell’Annunziata Torriglione’ 2008 ($3148) from Barolo, rich in earthy notes.

Over in Wan Chai, Chef Stumbaugh is lighting up the dining room adding optional shavings of white truffle to elevate dishes like the Carne Cruda, the Tuscan steak tartare, or any of the house special steaks. If guests choose to add truffle to their steaks, Chef eschews the traditional house-rub and instead uses truffle butter with white truffle shavings added tableside. In addition, the seasonal Tagliatelle with butter and white truffle ($218 plus Chef recommends 2 grams of white truffle at $138 per gram) returns to the menu for the season, a masterpiece in simplicity at its finest. And on the side, a new special Truffle Polenta ($108 plus Chef recommends 1-2 grams of white truffle shavings),  creamy polenta with mixed mushrooms and white truffle.

The white truffle shavings added to the Carne Cruda, are best paired with the Il Borro Lamelle Chardonnay 2018 ($628), the only white wine produce by Il Borro Winery in the Chianti area. However, the Tagliatelle is suited more to the Antinori Tignanello 1988 ($2,988), from the Greve Valley, with deep chocolate, tobacco, and earthy notes.

The seasonality of the truffle is welcomed at Carbone and Associazione Chianti, where each dish is simply prepared to honour the Alba truffles with impeccable attention to detail and confident service.

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