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Wander and Travel to…Homebake Concept Store in Central, Hong Kong

Caught in a fast-paced life, town dwellers who fancy a carefree lifestyle to do home baking are likely to be disappointed by the cruel reality. Therefore, Homebake has carefully decided to base in Central to offer a city escape for the desk jockeys and an experience in #Bakation – a baking vacation.

Here, the freshly baked pastries using a wide array of fresh and high-quality ingredients make a great start for every day where a feast of heartwarming pastry allows one to step up to the challenges in a whole day; handle the hectic days with the light-hearted mood from #Bakation; and amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, pick up your own tempo again and reward yourself the best life!

Inspired by the popular premium Shokupan in Japan, L.T. Fermentation Loaf is the signature of Homebake. High-quality Japanese flour is selected to improve the softness of the toast. Through more than 12 hours of low temperature fermentation and slow leavening, the true flavour of grains is fully awakened and the dough is given enough time to stretch and grow, increasing the gluten content and density.

Hence, L.T. Fermentation Loaf has a light and springy texture with a softer and more fluffy bread crust; and the replacement of white sugar by trehalose not only brings a healthier product with less sugary and more refreshing flavour but most importantly, it offers a moisturizing function to keep the moisture of the baked bread. The elevation in both the texture and the flavour shakes up the preconceived idea of bread.

In addition to carefully selected ingredients, Homebake pays a great deal of attention to the available flavours in the collection of L.T. Fermentation Loaf. In the first wave, six recipes shall be launched to answer the needs of different customers. They are:

Ÿ Signature L.T. Fermentation Loaf: clarified butter is used to replace unsalted butter in order to eliminate excess water and salt, and hence amplify its rich buttery flavour. The uniqueness of raw bread is exhibited in this original taste which keeps one asking for more.

Ÿ Walnut L.T. Fermentation Loaf: featuring roasted walnut. The crunchy nuts together with the fluffy bread create an unexpected texture

Ÿ Rich Cheese L.T. Fermentation Loaf: the union of soft and smooth Japanese Tsukishima cheese, a recent favourite of all, and the fine cheddar cheese allows the discharge of scents of different cheese in every bite. Definitely the cheese fans’ favourite.

Ÿ Honey Onion L.T. Fermentation Loaf: Onions stir-fried in olive oil are mixed with German dried onions to give a roasted aroma as a complement to the syrupy taste of honey.

Ÿ Maple Coconut Walnut L.T. Fermentation Loaf: The carefully selected Canadian maple syrup, is accompanied by coconut shreds soaked in maple syrup, to give a sweetness highlighted by a slightly sour accent. Suitable for those who do not have a sweet tooth;

Ÿ Sesame Red Bean Kyoto Matcha L.T. Fermentation Loaf: based on the famous traditional Japanese Red Bean Kyoto Matcha recipe, it uses Japanese Kyoto matcha powder to go with red beans, and the highly fragrant and silky Taiwan black sesame paste. The rich and sophisticated flavour carrying a hint of sweetness succeeds in uplifting the Red Bean Kyoto Matcha to a new level.

In order to offer an in-depth experience of the fun of #Bakation, Homebake insists on a limited collection by L.T. Fermentation Loaf. The six types of loaf are only available for sale during a designated time so that everyone can enjoy the taste of the freshly baked, just like how it is in “home baking”.

Dedicated Artisan Bread Collection with Creativity

Aiming to extend the joy of #Bakation holiday, Homebake decides to present through a series of “artisan bread” the concept of “home baking” which is about feeling the heartiness of handmade bread and experiencing the creativity of the inventive spirit. Inspired by Omusubi in Japan, the first Omusubi bread created by Homebake combines traditional Japanese food with Western baking techniques. The bread is made with certified French cultured butter to shape the outer layer of the bread as Omusubi, while the inside is filled with translucent and bouncy soy sauce rice in Japanese style. Served with pork floss, pork in peppercorn sauce or salted salmon, each bite is composed of the fluffy bread, flavorful fillings and the gooey soy sauce rice. Three different sensations simultaneously stimulate the taste buds; given the ordinary appearance of Omusubi, when we have a bite and taste the seasoned soy sauce rice which has a nicely balanced proportion and unprecedented compatibility with bread despite an apparent dissimilarity, we would be taken aback by surprise!

Fresh and ready-to-make bread is not the only benefit of “home baking”. The bread can also be “tailor-made” to suit individual preferences and manifest one’s creativity. Say this crispy hazelnut chocolate bread which is far from an ordinary dirty bun. Different from the usual dirty bun, this variation replaces the puff pastry with a moist and fluffy chocolate dough to scale down the food guilt and introduce a huge novelty! Its outer layer is coated with Swiss chocolate sauce which gives a rich and silky spread in the mouth. Mixed with the crispy hazelnut paste, the raw hazelnuts enhance the texture and complexity, which at the same time balances out the heavy chocolate paste, leaving a finger-licking satisfaction.

Mille-feuille collection bake-to-order in 4 hours

To answer the market needs, present-day pastry is continuously reinvented with endless variety. Despite new variations, some classic desserts are irreplaceable. It is just like the fact that despite a vast selection of dishes when dining out, the “taste of home” always holds a soft spot in one’s heart. When it comes to classic desserts, mille-feuille tops the list for sure. The word mille-feuille literally means a thousand sheets and Homebake remasters this classic French pastry. The mille-feuille from Homebake consists of 5 layers of crispy mille-feuille puff pastry, each of which is composed of 256 sheets to add up to 1280 sheets in total; the butter pastry from each level is baked twice to give off a caramelised smell and a crispy crunchy texture. The upper layer can go with mango custard and supreme French mango puree, or chocolate custard cream and 54% Belgium chocolate. And to keep the puff pastry shatteringly crisp, Homebake launches the 4-hour bake-to-order service where the order is ready in the same day within 4 hours upon confirmation. You and your friends can thus enjoy the fun of #Bakation anywhere at any time.

Besides mille-feuille, Homebake also introduces a 3-layer mango mille-feuille piece and strawberry mille-feuille piece. Each layer which is made of a puff pastry with 256 sheets is covered by fresh mango and supreme French mango puree cream or fresh berries and strawberry puree cream. The refreshing sensation brought by the fresh fruits creates an irresistible touch of French mojo, making it the best choice for the high tea of ladies.

Basque burnt fig cheesecake served hot and cold

Europe has always been a dream destination for many people, so Homebake particularly chooses the Basque burnt cheesecake which merges the specialty of Spain and France, the two major gourmet countries, as an introduction of European mood to #Bakation. The Basque burnt cheesecake, made with high-quality Japanese eggs, French light cream and Australian cream cheese, has a roasted outer layer enveloping a mushy soft centre. The distinct flavour of cheese luxuriating in the sweet caramelised scent offers a rich and creamy sensation from the complex of a roasted exterior and a soft interior; meanwhile, Homebake also includes a great hit in recent years – fig, the “fruit of heaven” in this classic cheesecake. The softness and sweetness of the figs go hand in hand with the bittersweet caramelised taste on the crust to enrich the texture and renew the taste of the cheesecake. This Basque burnt fig cheesecake can also be served in two ways: served hot once baked for immediate consumption to savour of its extra creaminess; served cold after refrigeration to enhance the rich flavour of cheese to perfection.

A refreshing and healing SuperBowl salad

During #Bakation, the indulgence in a variety of fresh, ready-to-make baked products every day may give rise to the occasional desire to switch for something else. In view of this, Homebake introduces a balanced SuperBowl salad that is available with up to 20 fresh and healthy ingredients, such as red meat, white meat, seafood, and superfoods such as Kale and nuts, for selection. A low calorie and high protein mix can be made immediately on the spot; at the same time, Homebake has also carefully prepared 6 healthy combos for everyone who “come home” for lunch. Without wasting further efforts, one can immediately enjoy a mix and match of balanced and colourful ingredients to heal both the body and soul.

Fresh vegetable and fruit juice collection to juice up your life

Healthy diet has been a trending practice in recent years and people also prefer to make juice at home. Homebake thus prepares a series of freshly pressed vegetable and fruit juice, including: ABC Juice – apple, beetroot, carrot juice in which beetroot is rich in non-water-soluble fibre to increase feelings of fullness; and Green Warrior – kale pineapple juice featuring the popular kale, which is not only rich in vitamins but also protects eyes and acts as anti-oxidant. It allows everyone to take a sip of fresh vegetable and fruit juice for recharge and rejuvenation as the journey of #Bakation goes on.

Homebake Concept Store

Shop Address︰Shop B, G/F, Melbourne Plaza, 33 & 33A, Queen’s Road Central, Central

Opening Hour︰Monday – Friday from 7.30am to 9pm

                                Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays from 8.30am to 8.30pm

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