Wander and Travel to….New Seasonal Seafood Menu at Crown Super Deluxe

As the proverbial saying goes, every cloud has its silver lining. With Mainland China imposing a near-total ban on lobster imports from Australia, Hong Kong markets are seeing an unexpected glut of these coveted crustaceans. As such, there has never been a better time to enjoy the prized sea creatures and Crown Super Deluxe’s star chef is showcasing how best to prepare them.

This month, Chef Toru Takano introduces a new limited-time seasonal Seafood Menu, the star of which is the Australian spiny lobster. Sweeter in flavor and with a robust, meaty texture that holds up well to the grill, the succulent lobster is ideal for teppanyaki-style cooking. Chef Toru cooks the meat until just tender, then tosses it in a coral butter infused with juices from the lobster head and soy for a rich, umami bomb, all piled onto two slices of garlic baguette. 

The menu also features a selection of Toyosu market sashimi and Amadai, or horse-head fish, from Fukuoka. Sushi aficionados will know that winter is the best time to savour Japanese seafood as the fish is fattier now due to the cold waters. Chef Toru cooks the Amadai scales-down, searing it on the teppan to achieve a crispy skin before dipping in a dashi sauce with wakame and yuzu, the latter adding a bright note to complement the briny ocean flavors. Embracing a zero-waste philosophy, Chef Toru also uses the lobster heads to create a rich, luxurious miso soup to end the meal. 

The menu is priced at $988 per person and is available now until the season ends (guaranteed through the end of March).

Seasonal Seafood Menu 

$988 per person + 10 percent service charge

Mizuna Salad

Toyosu Market Sashimi

Tokushima Fruit Tomato


Grilled Seasonal Vegetables

Teppan Spiny Lobster

Garlic Fried Rice

Lobster Miso Soup

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