Wander and Travel for …Sakura Afternoon Tea at The Tokyo EDITION – Toranomon

With the long-awaited arrival of Spring comes the stunning new addition Sakura Afternoon Tea at The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon. Served in the hotel’s sparkling Blue Room, guests will be able to celebrate Japan’s world-famous Sakura with an exciting blend of refreshing colours, fragrances and flavours that effortlessly capture the beauty of the season. Served in the hotel’s endlessly chic Blue Room, Sakura Afternoon Tea will be served alongside jaw-dropping views of the city, a lush canopy of Ficus trees and an ocean of luminescent sapphire upholstery. 

Guests will be able to choose from an exclusive cherry blossom themed selection of delightful snacks, small treats, cakes and pastries that will only be served from 8th March. The menu takes the traditional afternoon tea and infuses it with an authentic springtime flair, with each dish being crafted with an unmatched attention-to-detail. Let your heart bloom with savoury delights such as roasted chicken tartlet and smoked salmon mousse, come to life with the sweet delicacy of Sakura crème brulée or seize the day with a selection of delicious clotted cream scones. 

Accompanied by wide array of hand-blended teas, wine and cocktails, the exclusive Sakura Day Afternoon Tea at The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon will allow guests to truly immerse themselves in one of Japan’s most beloved and famous celebrations. 

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