Soulistic, a local startup vegan brand, proudly announces the comeback of its Soul Festive Mooncake Gift Set for Mid-Autumn Reunion

Soulistic, a vegan tuck shop, releases their Mid-Autumn collection as part of their ongoing Soul Festive series. Initially created for and inspired by the Chef and Owner’s diabetic grandfather, Soulistic focuses on creating handcrafted and heartfelt delicacies for the community and their loved ones. Despite our ever-changing environment, as long as we are under the same moonlight, Soulistic hopes their vegan custard mooncake brings heartfelt wishes around the city to those we love, in a delightful and edible way.

Soulistic’s Vegan Custard Mooncakes is one of their most successful creations. Handcrafted to include an organic soy crust, homemade vegan custard filling, and even a chickpea “salty egg yolk”. Developed completely in-house for two years, all elements are made using whole foods with no compromise to taste. A surprising perk of the mooncakes is that it has a low GI index, with no refined sugar, no trans fat and no additional additives or preservatives used. The crunchy crust and creamy vegan filling give those who bite into a Soulistic Custard Mooncake the warm and rich sensation we attribute to this treasured festival. Those with a sensitive palate will be delighted to find that while the mooncake is vegan, the familiar texture of the crunchy crust and flavour of the salty egg yolk filling have been preserved to serve as a reminder of the cherished Mid-Autumn Festival reunion.

This year’s mooncake is even more special through our efforts to use more sustainable packaging. FSC Certified, acid-free paper and printed with soy-based inks, Soulistic, as a small local business, has managed to lower our carbon footprint and use of plastic by 45%.

Soul Festive Mooncake Collection

Cheers to Full Moon!

4-piece Vegan Custard Mooncake Set (HK$338) 

How to order
Orders open from August 1 until September 21 on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please allow 4 days to prepare before your pickup date.  
Pickup and delivery will be available between September 6 and September 21, please  refer to our website for details. 
Pickup locations:Radio City @ Causeway Bay – B10, Radio City (Solo Office), 505 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay (5 minute walk from Sogo)Co Ninety @ Wan Chai – G/F, 27 Sau Wah Fong, Wan Chai  (near Star Street)

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