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Wander and Travel To Pane e Latte Gelateria

Pane e Latte, Pirata Group’s Positano-inspired seaside panetteria on the Stanley coast, announces the opening of its gelateria.

From Pane e Latte’s Instagram-famous dusty pink interiors, guests are invited to take a little trip to a cool, subterranean hideaway. Adjacent to the glass-enclosed food factory theatre, from where Pane e Latte’s artisans create pastry and bread magic, an amorphous steel counter takes centre stage. Cups of eye-popping gelato experiences are prepared on this reflective surface, to guests’ delight.

Under the creative supervision of Stephane Vieux, Pirata Group’s Executive Pastry Chef, Pane e Latte gives its own spin to the beloved Italian frozen dessert. Topped with a creamy soft serve “crown” and decorated with a multitude of toppings including cotton candy, croissant chips, dark and white chocolate shards, and loads of other surprises – it’s a true gelato experience.

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