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Retro Cantonese diner CHOP CHOP has opened a new outlet in Sha Tin’s New Town Plaza III headlining more specialties by Hong Kong’s ‘God of Cookery’.

CHOP CHOP made its name in Fortress Hill with its signature Roasted Pork Belly Char Siew Rice that Chef Dai Lung created for Stephen Chow’s iconic film God of Cookery.

Now the classic Cantonese diner has extended its renowned ‘siu mei’ cuisine with a modern twist to one of Hong Kong’s largest shopping malls in Sha Tin.

And to celebrate the opening, Chef Dai is extending the menu with two classic all-time-favourites: Chef Dai’s Beef “Hor Fun”(HK$70)and Chef Dai’s Fried Rice (HK$80).

Chef Dai’s Beef “Hor Fun” is a beloved, familiar classic that is famously simple from flat rice noodles, marinated beef, leek, spring onions, bean sprouts and soy sauce – yet difficult to perfectly master.


Chef Dai’s magical touch uses distinctively aromatic ‘first extract’ artisan Tai Ma sauce; wider and thicker flat rice noodles to seal in the ‘wok hei’ (“wok’s breath”) flavor; a dash of cinnamon powder for extra aroma; a sprinkling of sesame seeds and served with famous Yu Kwen Yick chili sauce – and finally served in a dim sum bamboo container which keeps the dish piping hot.

For Chef Dai’s Fried Rice, Chef Dai selects only the best rice, combining white and American wild rice for wonderfully chewy grains, laden with the Chop Chop’s acclaimed char siew, shrimp, sakura shrimp, French peas and Japanese crab roe, elegantly seasoned and perfectly cooked.

Most distinctively, the rice grains are separate, each with a slightly chewy fried exterior and tender bite. “It is a deceptively simple dish despite its humble appearance, involving many specific techniques and tricks honed through years,” he said.

In line with the modern concept, CHOP CHOP’s cuisine also uses only natural and organic ingredients without any artificial additives, MSG or artificial colouring.

CHOP CHOP Shatin also features other “siu mei” roasted meats, with options of dine in, take-away, or, in keeping with traditional “siu mei” shops, chopped meats-to-order.

By extending its variety of Cantonese cuisine beyond traditional barbecued pork and other roasted meats, Chef Dai continues combining simple ingredients with quality cooking to create premium Cantonese classics – reflecting a ‘spirit of dining’ which symbolises his ‘God of Cookery’ namesake.

Beyond film fame, Chef Dai is genuinely recognised among the “four greatest Chinese chefs in Hong Kong” – along with celebrity chefs Yeung Koon Yat, Chan Dong and Hui Poon Dong.


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