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DONDONYA: Japanese Hot Pot in Hong Kong

Japanese donburi specialist DONDONYA is dedicated to serving up authentic yet diverse menus from around the country to keep our esteemed Hong Kong customers coming for more. From October 24 to February 4, DONDONYA brings to Hong Kong the freshness of Japanese cuisines with a series of Take-Your-Pick Japanese hot pots for one offering tons of options to choose from.

Aside from maintaining an exquisite presentation recognisable in Japanese cuisine, the seasonal Japanese hot pots are infused with local flavours. DONDONYA’s Japanese hot pots come in three soup choices, the meal can also be paired with sashimi side dish and dessert – ideal for both solo dining and cozy meals with family and friends.

The seasonal hot pots come in three authentic soup bases: the rich shrimp miso soup; the delectable kelp with clam soup; and the creamy white chicken soup. The shrimp miso soup has infused the freshness of shrimp into the miso broth to create mouthfuls of unforgettable deliciousness. Milder palates can opt for the kelp with clam soup to taste the clean kelp stock and the sweetness of clams. The white chicken soup is packed with collagen, perfect for those looking for a healthy and nourishing dinner.  

Priced from $108, the seasonable Take-Your-Pick Japanese hot pots are served with mushrooms, pumpkin slices, tomatoes and vegetables alongside three meat choices, namely Australian wagyu slices, pork belly slices and a seafood platter – all for your choosing.

Tender Australian wagyu slices reveal just the right balance of fat and muscle – flavours best realised when paired with delicious Japanese broth. The pork belly slices promise delicate mouthfeel and loads of flavours, while the seafood option comprises enticing gems of the oceans, including shrimp, oyster, scallop, that will have you coming back again.

The meat and soup bases are not all there is to choose from: pair your selections with silky Sanuki udon or traditional Japanese zousui. After enjoying the hot pot ingredients, turn up the heat and add in an egg and premium-grade Miyagi Hitomebore rice to turn the soup into zousui (Japanese rice soup). When the rice soaks up every bit of the delicious soup, pepper in nori flakes and green onions to your liking, and enjoy this comfort food at its best over the wintry months.

To fully get a taste of Japan in one meal, customers can take their pick in soup base, meat and main course, with the option of additional sashimi side dish. Customers can also end the meal with dessert options including cream puffs, Nikusaku Rice Ice Cream or Sencha Ice Cream. This Japanese hot pot-dessert duo is enough to please big appetites, so customers can go home with both their bellies and hearts fulfilled.

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