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Wander and Travel to….”Open Space”

Open Space is an interactive online journey that brings together new talents from different culture and various individuality, to give the world a new sense of pride, purpose and positivity. It is a channel created by Hans Ebert, Creative Director of Happy Wednesday, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, targeted for a younger and more adventurous group of consumers.

Open Space is The Hong Kong Jockey Club’s first channel to create a global picture of the better world, and with the ongoing travelling restrictions, Open Space lets tourists from all over the world know what is happening in Hong Kong, remind them of the kind of fun and great vibes one can have at this iconic tourist spot in Happy Valley.

During this lockdown days, viewing habits have changed and the Open Space channel offers much more than just entertaining content. It features both racing and lifestyle content ranging from travel, sports, art, film, entertainment and more. It is a non-stop journey through music, lifestyle, art, humor and the entertainment packed world of horse racing associated with the Hong Kong Jockey Club brand known as Happy Wednesday.

As the former Executive Director of both Universal Music Group and subsequently EMI Music, Ebert transferred his creativity from thought to execution, worked long distance to make Global Citizens, the theme song for Open Space happen. And this is exactly one of the core ideas of Open Space – bringing talents from around the world together to create endless possibilities and riding through the creativity of the online world. Ebert said, “By looking back at everything that has been made possible and those who inspired us, the idea was to tap into that emotional bond where the past inspires an even better future. How the dream is still alive though this is now a new dream. What we didn’t want to show were people holding hands and making signs of the heart with their fingers. We wanted to show a reflective celebration of life.”

With music being such an influential element of the Happy Wednesday theme, Ebert has created the theme song, Global Citizens, for the Open Space Channel together with his friend and singer from Australia, Jimmy Cupples, Melbourne-based Producer Phil Turcio and Ebert’s longtime editor, Kat Coetzee, who was in lockdown in South Africa. Global Citizens is part of a multimedia project, started life as a freewheeling stream of poem by Ebert about where Hong Kong was and where Hong Kong is going next.

Launched 10 years ago in 2010, the first Happy Wednesday theme, “Happy Wednesday’s Back!” took place in September 2013 and has then run as a full season every September to July. With a diverse crowd aged 18-45, from local supporters, expats, tourists to international business travelers. Being the 14th on the “966 Things To Do in Hong Kong” list on Trip Advisor, Happy Wednesday offers scrumptious food, thirst-satisfying beverages and irreplaceable excitement to all, and it even has a different theme song for each season. The Open Space Channel is now here to continue this ongoing ride with Happy Wednesday.

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