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[Hong Kong, 17 July 2020] First blended for King Edward in 1902, Fortnum & Mason’s Royal Blend has been the most coveted tea the world over; renowned for its smooth, honey-like flavour. Initially blended to cater for the tastes of the reigning monarch, it is today enjoyed by all. Celebrating the time-honoured tradition of Mid-Autumn Festival, Fortnum’s pairs the flavours of this perfect blend with its lotus seed mooncakes in a beautifully packaged gift box, which is available at its store at K11 Musea from August 2020.

A large part of the Royal Blend’s continuous appeal is down to its wonderful taste. The combination of low-grown Flowery Pekoe from Ceylon and robust Assam results in a beautiful, natural honey-sweetness and thanks to the Assam, holds a pleasing maltiness to this famous tea blend too; the perfect accompaniment, and indeed ingredient, to Fortnum’s delicious mooncakes.

Encased in an ornate box featuring Fortnum’s signature Eau De Nil, the enchanting gift embodies ancient sentiments with legendary characters to make for a much talked about centrepiece. Adorned with a gold enigma, three imperial legends are highlighted on this year’s festive gift set. The box itself contains four decadent Royal Blend mooncakes each stamped with a unique Fortnum’s design, plus a caddy of its splendid Royal Tea Blend loose leaves tea to complement each delicious bite of its savoury mooncakes.

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Paying tribute to the festive history and culture, the packaging is symbolic of mythical Legends. These include the beautiful Chang’e “Flying To The Moon” which depicts the fable of the skilled archer Hou Yi, who used his bow and arrow to shoot down nine of the ten suns of the skies; this feat saw him being rewarded by the Queen Mother with a bottle of elixir that could render him immortal, but instead Hou Yi chose love over immortality. The love of his life Chang’e drank the elixir and flew to the moon, Hou Yi then chose to dedicate his life to his wife Chang’e by worshipping the moon in her honour.

The full moon stirs these ancient sentiments, which are translated in the next legendary character emblazoned on the Fortnum’s packaging. Wu Gang, a mythical woodman desired immortality but he lacked the determination to try hard. To punish him, the Emperor of Heaven planted a huge cherry blossom tree on the moon to test him in which he could only gain immortality by chopping it down. To this day, Wu Gang is still trying this impossible feat, because every time he tries, the cherry blossom tree heals and regrows each full moon.

The Jade Rabbit is the main character in the next narrative. Once upon a time there were three immortal animals living in a forest: a fox, a rabbit and a monkey. They pretended to be beggars and roamed the forest begging for food. The rabbit who felt guilty for this façade sacrificed itself by jumping into a fire to save all others. Moved by the rabbit’s selfless act, the others sent the rabbit to live eternally at the Moon Palace with Chang’e as an honoured immortal to be worshipped at full moon.

This season, Fortnum & Mason proudly shares these traditional delights that are best savoured whilst gazing under the full moon with family. In addition, Fortnum’s also offers its wicker hampers during the autumnal equinox which can be filled to the brim with nibbles and tipples to express your best wishes to family members, relatives, friends and business partners this Mid-Autumn Festival.


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