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Wander and Travel to… Fishsteria Seafood Place in Kennedy Town

 In response to increased limitations imposed by the government on restaurants due to Covid-19 in recent weeks, Chef Giandomenico (Gianni) Caprioli launches a pop-up marketplace Mercato Gourmet by Giando at Fishsteria Seafood Place in Kennedy Town. The move comes as a bid to diversify his restaurant businesses in a time where the restrictions on eateries remain uncertain.

Chef Gianni says, “we are delighted to be bringing more gourmet options in the form of fresh groceries and ready-made meals to the neighbourhood, to satisfy the increasing demand for good quality products and ingredients.”

Helmed by renowned Italian Chef Gianni Caprioli with over 15 years of experience in Hong Kong, Mercato Gourmet by Giando is a specialty gourmet marketplace that features authentic Italian produce sourced from small family farms, producers and boutique wineries, now with four retail locations across Hong Kong.

Chef Gianni explains “Mercato Gourmet by Giando was born out of our guests’ love for the quality ingredients used at our restaurants.” It has now become a platform for him to share his passion and philosophy on the importance of authentic ingredients. He continues, “one of the reasons why we love to work with small producers is also to support their commitment to sustainable and socially-responsible agricultural practices. We believe that quality on the table has a lot to do with quality of care in raising the animals and crops, as well as respect for the environment.”

The pop-up store now features favourites and best sellers such as the handmade burrata cheese from Caseificio Artigiana, based in Puglia, Italy. This cheese has won multiple awards including the latest Italian Cheese Award 2019. With dedication and passion, Artigaiana creates authentic cheeses according to Apulian dairy traditions passed down from generation to generation using the best milk of Murgia Barese. “Other cheese producers often utilise UHT milk and purchase their milk products and ingredients from other farms, but Artigiana is the only one committed to using fresh milk from grass-fed cows sourced only within their vicinity in their local region in Puglia,” explains Gianni.

The Pop-up will be available for a limited only on Tuesday – Sunday from 10:30am – 8:00pm. Fishsteria Seafood Place will remain open for dine-in and takeaway according to government guidelines on Tuesday – Sunday from 10:30am – 6:00pm. Fishsteria is located at New Fortune House, Shop 3, G/F, 2-5A New Praya, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong.

Mercato Gourmet’s retail stores can also be found at Fenwick Pier, Mid-Levels, Happy Valley, Ap Lei Chau, in addition to an online store.

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