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Wander and Travel For….. Adventures at Star Street Precinct in Hong Kong

So, most of us might be staying at home for now, but who’s to say that the adventure stops here? Starstreet Precinct has put together the latest happenings and offers from the most well-loved restaurants and shops in the community, so that you can continue exploring even in the comforts of your own home.

Whether it’s experimenting classic recipes made with fresh ingredients delivered to your doorstep, making and tasting authentic dishes from around the world or trying out a more sustainable way of living, doing good and feeling great has never been more fun. Discover some great ideas below and be sure to snap plenty of pictures and tag @starstreethk along the way!

Calling All Budding Chefs: Discover Your Inner Master Chef

Nothing will ever beat a classic Morty’s smoked meat sandwich, but now you can make one right at home. Order slow-cooked cuts straight from Morty’s new website  and start perfecting your very own version. If you prefer sticking to the originals, the New York deli’s signatures are available for order too.
Giando Italian Restaurant and Bar
It is often said that good food doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated; it just needs to be made with fresh, authentic ingredients together with your heart and soul! Starstreet food gem Giando lives by this and now you can, too. They’ve recently launched “Mercato Gourmet by Giando”, an online marketplace offering a wide range of fresh produce and ingredients, so that you can recreate your favourite Italian dishes at home. Cheeses, meats, pasta, homemade sauces – you name it, they’ve got it. Simply order at to bring bits and pieces of Italy back home.

Simply The Best: Attention All Food Connoisseurs!

Artemis & Apollo and Le Garçon Saigon
Black Sheep Restaurants has launched a brand-new, curated five-night dinner regimen, to bring feasts around the world directly to your home – Black Sheep Supper Cult. Neighbourhood favourites including Starstreet’s Greek Taverna, Artemis & Apollo or Saigonese Grillhouse, Le Garçon Saigon are just some of the restaurants that will serve you dinner depending on whether you go for the “Nice” or “Naughty” meal plan. Both plans are HK$1,400 for five nights of dinners with deliveries available from Kennedy Town to Tin Hau and even up to the Peak. Sign up for their Supper Cult here, sit back, and let the team do what they do best.
The pasta-bilities are endless at Pici. Experience the handmade magic at home by dropping in the Starstreet outlet for takeaway (available until 10pm) or simply ordering on Deliveroo. To complete your dinner the real Italian way, we strongly recommend getting your hands on a bottle of the Confini Chianti Classico, too.

Time to Shop, Environmentally People (Or Pets)

If you’ve been wanting to live out a more sustainable and conscientious lifestyle, Edgar has got you covered with its wide range of organic, healthy, and most importantly yummy snacks and drinks available for delivery at Want to get your best pet friend on a more organic lifestyle? Yummy treats for our paw friends are available for order too.

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