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Wander and Travel…and Transport Your Palate to Italy on a Culinary Adventure

While global travel is on pause during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Chef Owner Gianni Caprioli of Giando Group is launching a culinary campaign Buonissima Italia across the group, in an effort to showcase the taste of Italy. By partnering with Italy’s local artisanal producers and small family farms, Gianni hopes to satisfy the craving for travel through gastronomy by offering a wide range of distinctive yet authentic dishes to allow diners to indulge in the unique flavours of his home country.

When it comes to travel, food is an essential part in experiencing the lifestyle, culture and traditions of a place. Even something as simple as the delicate aromas of a fresh Piennolo tomato or the sense of satisfaction when you first cut into a fresh piece of Burrata can transport your mind somewhere new or reignite fond memories of a favourite trip in Italy.

Chef Gianni explains his inspiration behind the menu and campaign, “Good things come from beautiful places. I want to take this chance to educate our guests on the importance of sustainability and in preserving traceability and responsible farming practices by partnering with farms and small producers from my home town to showcase the beauty of authentic ingredients.”

At Giando Restaurant & Bar, the signature La Burrata features burrata cream mozzarella from Caseificio Artigiana, based in Puglia, Italy. This cheese has won multiple awards including the latest Italian Cheese Award 2019. With dedication and passion, Artigaiana creates authentic cheeses according to Apulian dairy traditions passed down from generation to generation using the best milk of Murgia Barese. “Other cheese producers often utilise UHT milk and purchase their milk products and ingredients from other farms, but Artigiana is the only one committed to using fresh milk from grass-fed cows sourced only within their vicinity in their local region in Puglia,” explains Gianni. “Everything from the mascarpone and cream they use in their cheeses are all made on-site daily at Artigiana, which is rare nowadays under modern production.”

Another crowd pleaser Branzino in Crosta di Carasau Ai Sapori Mediterranei features seabass from Acquacoltura Orbetello, where the fish is raised in an environment where respect for the environment are paramount to the management and health protocols adhered to by the farm. The fish are fed GMO-free soy, maize vegetable flour and fishmeal, and are raised in sea water filtrated through rocks to ensure purity and safety from chemical agents.

While designing the menu, Chef Gianni Caprioli kept sustainability and traceability at the heart of Buonissima Italia. By transforming these premium ingredients into exquisite dishes, he hopes to inspire guests to appreciate the beauty and quality of Italian products, even at a time when travel is limited.

At Gia Trattoria, the classic Spaghetti alla Carbonara now features an exceptional artisanal pasta by Il Mulino di Gragnano, made from Italian durum wheat semolina and spring water from the Gragnano Valley. The bronze extrusion method used in making this pasta and its slow drying process contribute to the unique coarse texture, density, deep flavour and great digestive properties.

In addition, the eggs used at both restaurants are supplied directly by Fattoria Roberti, an Italian farm that is FDAI approved, promoting the values of an ethical management model linked to traceability. Here, chickens are raised without use of antibiotics and hormones, with eggs collected fresh each morning, immediately stamped on site, guaranteeing the actual origin of the eggs. Guests may taste the distinctiveness of these eggs in dishes such as Uova Strappazate as well as in the Spaghetti alla Carbonara and Tiramisu.

The Buonissima Italia menus will be available from 14th July, with prices for a three-course dinner starting from $598+10% at Giando Restaurant & Bar on Star Street, and from $388+10% at Gia Trattoria Italiana at Fenwick Pier, offering both quality and exceptional value.

Giando Italian Restaurant and Bar

As our Flagship restaurant, Giando Italian Restaurant & Bar quintessentially represents Chef Gianni Caprioli and his 30-year journey in culinary arts through simple contemporary dishes surrounding the seasons freshest offerings.

Shop 1, G/F, Tower 1, Starcrest, 9 Star Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong

+852 2511 8912



Gia Trattoria Italiana

Gia Trattoria Italiana is a family style restaurant that provides the ultimate farm-to-table dining experience and serves classic, regional Italian cuisine that holds true to Chef Gianni’s roots.

1/F, Fleet Arcade, Fenwick Pier, 1 Lung King Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

+852 2511 8081



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