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D2 Place (Hong Kong) Reopens Power Play Arena

D2 Place is known as a designers dream and claims a stake as one of the first regenerated shopping malls which has been revamped from an industrial building. From humble beginnings, the project has revitalised and brought new energy and life to the Cheung Sha Wan and Lai Chi Kok areas. 

D2 place has also renovated it’s amazing indoor play arena which is suitable for kids of all ages. The famed Power Play Arena features a huge space simply meant for fun and excitement. For example, the arena’s indoor racing track has been updated and has an authentic feel of a real race day experience as visitors can suit up and race around, safely, in their mini go carts at high speeds. There are also amazing games where a few tokens and clever game play can lead to some incredible prizes. 

D2 place opened in 2013 and has amassed an amazing 500,000 square feet in terms of retail, office and event spaces. D2 place is unlike other shopping malls in Hong Kong and across the Asia Pacific in the opportunities it provides. Aside from providing restaurants and retail shops, it also provides a platform for creative individuals and up and coming business people, especially youngsters, the chance to showcase their skills and talents to a wider audience.

D2 also offers entrepreneurs the space to collaborate with other like-minded people especially on their ‘Weekend Markets” which draws in thousands of visitors. D2 place not only provides a space for small businesses to thrive, it also allows participants to partake in a 6 step entrepreneurship model which can see young ‘dreamers’ take part in a “Weekend Market” and then eventually see their product promoted across Hong Kong and the world. 

At this moment in time, over 6500 HK based and international creatives have ultiized and benefitted from this type of idea insulation and growth. 

D2 Place’s “Weekend Markets” can often attract traffic of up to 30,000 people which can lead to further exposure and idea exchange for all small businesses which join.

D2 place believes in seasonal joy and global celebrations and organizes events all year around including Chinese New Year, Mid Autumn festival, Le French May, Songkran Hong Kong and high level film screening and premiers. 

D2 Place is an unique hub for the arts, business and innovation. Check it out!


🎊The much-anticipated “Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit” has something to play on Saturday😍!
From October 17th to November 30th, 2020, PowerPlay Arena members only need to spend HK$2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ at the designated merchants in Phase I and/or Phase II of D2 Place, and they can have a free experience at the ground floor of No. 822 Lai Chi Kok Road with a machine-printed receipt valid today Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit once 🏎️💨!
Non-members of PowerPlay Arena can also try a game with an entrance fee of HK$50 ! It’s time to make an appointment with friends in the class to “get out of the car” together 😎!
Event details | “Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit First to Play”
Date: October 17th to November 30th, 2020
Time: 12PM – 7PM
Location: G/F, 822 Lai Chi Kok Road (opposite to D2 Place Phase I)
*Only accept valid machine-printed invoices for consumption on the day
*A maximum of 2 machine-printed invoices from different designated merchants are accepted
*The number of people in each session is limited, first come first experience, while stocks last
*Does not include spending on weekend markets, Pop-Up Stores and other mall promotion activities
*Each redemption is limited to one experience

For more information, please go to: – Power Play Arena – D2 Place 

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