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Wander and Travel….to IRIS At The Grounds Helps Hong Kong Get out And Work out

From 27-29 November, Hong Kongers have a rare opportunity to get out – and work out – at the IRIS At The Grounds festival beneath The Hong Kong Observation Wheel.

With gyms and yoga studios having been shut for extended periods, restaurants limiting service and capacity, and continuing group size and travel restrictions, and even the closure of public parks, beaches and outdoor exercise areas, IRIS At The Grounds is set to provide a responsible, unique, and barrier-breaking experience to help Hong Kongers refresh, revive and reconnect. 

The organisers of IRIS, Hong Kong’s largest fitness and wellness festival, have created a special edition for these challenging times, freeing local fitness enthusiasts from the dreary confines of home workouts, and helping them reconnect and revitalise through a first of its kind fitness and wellness experience.

The highlight of IRIS At The Grounds is three days of specially curated wellness adventures with six different sessions – starting with a Friday night workout staged in front of Hong Kong’s dramatic skyline, and featuring the top fitness trends with sessions led by Hong Kong’s most popular instructors like Siena T, Utah Lee and Trixie Isla-Velez.

After energising and challenging yoga and fitness sessions, participants can wind down and revive their senses and souls as IRIS offers Hong Kong’s first après-exercise experience with live music and revitalising food and beverage all in the beautiful outdoors at Hong Kong’s first Covid-responsible festival venue.

Given the impact of Covid-19 on the local health and fitness industry, the organizers are also using IRIS as a platform to show support for some of the local businesses and practitioners most impacted by the pandemic. For this special edition event, IRIS is bringing some fresh new faces to the line-up, instructors that IRIS has never worked with before.

In addition to providing an important paid engagement for the instructors, the hope is to use the platform to increase community awareness on the impact that the fight against coronavirus has had on Hong Kong’s health and wellness industries.

“Behind the fun is a unique and really important cause, trying to help support the Hong Kong fitness industry, one instructor at a time,” said Charlz Ng, Co-founder of IRIS.

“We tried to engage with instructors we have never engaged with previously, and we hope this event will offer them an opportunity to increase exposure and promote their services.

“We want to encourage everyone to join a neighbourhood boutique gym or yoga studio right now, not only will they be helping to improve their own lives, they will be helping local businesses get back on their feet as well,” Ng said.  

“IRIS was a really good opportunity for us to expand our clientele. It has been really tough during the pandemic with widespread closures of gyms and studios. It feels really good to be getting back out and promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I can’t wait to help people burn some of this stress off at the end of the month,” said Christine Sit, one of the first time instructors working appearing this year.

With only 110 two-person pods available at The Grounds at AIA Vitality Park, the city’s first Covid-19 responsible venue, IRIS presents an exclusive opportunity for Hong Kongers to refresh, revitalise and reconnect.  

Sessions have been curated to boost resilience for the ‘new normal’, with alternating hour-long sessions ranging from energizing morning Yoga to high-intensity, full body workouts, and post workout yoga and mindfulness sessions to help warm down and find balance in this challenging contemporary environment.

Enjoy Hong Kong’s first après-exercise experience with revitalising food and beverage and a picnic in the pod atmosphere accompanied by live music, special health food menus and an assortment of refreshing non-alcoholic and adult beverages wrapping up one of Hong Kong’s best days out of the year.

All admission prices are valid for two people and include a four hour session featuring three fitness & wellness experiences, a guilt-free food and beverage package (including a meal and two drinks for two), live music and performance, and games to win Asia Miles.

With just 110 pods available per session, tickets are expected to sell quickly. Participants interested to purchase tickets can visit:

For more information, please visit:


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