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 Punjab is known as the ‘breadbasket’ of South Asia, spanning Eastern Pakistan and Northern India, and has deep agricultural roots. Fertile soils and mineral-rich waters from the Himalayan mountains provide the ideal conditions for growing rice and wheat. As such, a vast majority of Punjabis either work in agriculture or in trucking and for workers in both these industries, breakfast is one of the two meals they will eat per day; so in this part of the world breakfasts truly are the most important meal of the day. Think hearty karis, flatbreads, Indian omelettes, lentils, pickles and so on. 

Inspired by these hearty morning meals, Chef Palash Mitra is proud to launch a new monthly breakfast launching on 1 November and every first Sunday of the month after that.


MASALEDAR PHALLI Peanuts, nimbu, Poona onions

MIRCHI PAKORA Pasilla and Anaheim chillies, chickpea flour batter

PYAZ AUR CHUTNEY Onions, green chillies, pickles

MAKKI DI ROTI, SARSON DA SAAG Corn flatbread, mustard greens, sugarcane jaggery

MASALA OMELETTE, PARATHA Touriyan eggs, tomatoes, turmeric

Select Two

PESHAWARI CHAPLI KEBAB [ +128 ] Chopped beef, semolina, ghee

BHUNA MASALA CHAANP [ +108 ] Braised lamb ribs, kohlrabi, mint

McLEOD KARHAI MURGH Three yellow chicken, tomatoes, sour cream

KHUD COBIA Salt-baked cobia, smoked tomato & samphire chutney, roti 

AMRITSARI TAWA PANEER Soft cheese, globe artichokes, fenugreek butter


CHANNA MASALA Chickpeas, ginger, carrom

MAA KI DAL Split yellow lentils, red lentils, mustard

ALOO KI SUKHI SABZI Ratte potatoes, cumin, asafetida

HARA SALAAD Carrot, cucumber, mooli, turnip

To Finish

PISTA PHIRNI Slow-cooked ground rice, pistachio, buffalo milk

798 per person

New Punjab Club turned three this autumn and this year, more than ever, Chef Palash and the team feel it is important to celebrate whatever they can so they took a look back at the three most beloved dishes that have been on the menu since day one but guests still cannot get enough of. Three years on and these are the dishes that the kitchen still make the most of, seven days a week.

  1. Samosa Chaat – ‘Chaat’ refers generally to street snacks in South Asia and New Punjab Club’s version of this ubiquitous roadside dish has never dimmed in popularity. Crispy pieces of crushed samosa, bathed in cool yoghurt and sweet, tangy chutney studded with juicy pomegranate seeds is how the majority of meals start at the restaurant, in fact, Chef Palash cannot recall one table in the last three years that has not ordered this dish. More than 32,000 portions of Samosa Chaat have been served since opening.
  1. Mughal Room Makhani – Otherwise known as Butter Chicken, this is one of the only typical ‘curries’ on the menu which almost did not make it because the restaurant’s focus is tandoor cooking. It eked onto the final menu as a homage to the place that started it all, founder Syed Asim Hussain’s father’s Wyndham Street restaurant where, on summers home from school, he would toil bussing tables. Asim’s fondest memories of those times was the chef setting up a little table in the kitchen for him and his brother at the end of the night and sneaking them Butter Chicken and beer. But guests also seem to have their own fond memories for this comforting hug of a curry as it ends up on most tables, gravy mopped up enthusiastically with fluffy pieces of naan.
  1. Masalewali Chanp – The showstopping tandoor lamb chop. To steal from a review by David Greenberg, it is “the best tandoori lamb you’ve ever eaten, in fact the best tandoori dish you’ve ever eaten, in fact one of the best things you’ve ever eaten”. These 700 gram chops are marinated for 48 hours and then cooked in the tandoor to medium-rare perfection for 12 minutes (creating a lot of smoke in the process). The lamb comes from a small farm in Australia and the butcher has travelled twice to New Punjab Club to eat the Maselewali Chanp. During Covid the supplier ensured New Punjab Club were able to get their chops even when she was not selling to anyone else such were their importance to both the restaurant and to her. 


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