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Homebake Launches the #Celebake Christmas Red Wine Collection

 Christmas is the most exciting festival of the year. We all give our best for this special time. This year, Homebake embraces the ideology of “Home-baking”. With the knowledge that fermentation of French red wine also takes time and craftsmanship, Homebake proudly presents the #Celebake Christmas Red Wine Collection infusing the tempting wine. The collection includes Red Wine Berries L.T. Fermentation Loaf, Poached Pear in Red Wine Cheese Tart, Red Wine Raisin Walnut Buckwheat Bun, and Red Wine Cherry Basque Burnt Cheesecake – stirring up the atmosphere for a Christmas with feasts full of comforting baked goods, allowing us to taste the rich aroma of red wine with the beloved ones. Get elegantly fuelled up for the upcoming challenges in the new year!

Low Temperature Fermentation: Signature Bread with Wine-soaked Berries

The Red Wine Berries L.T. Fermentation Loaf joins Homebake’s collection of Signature L.T. Fermentation Loaf just in time. The classical maceration method is specially adopted while juicy tiny bits like golden raisins, grapes, cranberries and oranges are soaked in French red wine for seven days. Alcohol vaporizes after a generous time of 12 hours of low temperature fermentation, while the charm of French red wine is still lingering and all fruits have their unique bouquet. The fruitiness of the red wine and the fruits are brought to a perfect sweet-and-sour balance. Just like other delicacies in the collection, Red Wine Berries L.T. Fermentation Loaf has its softness enhanced by the selected high-quality Japanese flour. The signature light and springy texture and the soft and fluffy bread crust are also the important features preserved.

Home-baked, Wine-brewed: Poached Pear in Red Wine Cheese Tart and Red Wine Raisin Walnut Buckwheat Bun

To #CelebakeHomebake wholeheartedly dedicates their craftsmanship and creativity, brews the joy of Christmas amidst choices of baked angels. Homebake’s #Celebake Christmas Red Wine Collection simultaneously stages the Poached Pear in Red Wine Cheese Tart and Red Wine Raisin Walnut Buckwheat Bun, and invites the public to indulge in the chemistry between baked goods and red wine.

This Christmas, Homebake pays tributes to one of the French classic desserts, Poached Pears in Red Wine by presenting the Poached Pear in Red Wine Cheese Tart. The tart uses red wine as its core, after infusing cinnamon in the poaching process, the pear gets fully soaked with the wine bouquet and bursts with a lavish fruitiness. The trending cheese tart also joins the team incorporating the recipe of New York Cheesecake, which makes the texture ultimately creamy and fudgy. The guests’ mouthfeel must be satisfied blissfully as the red wine and pear merge perfectly with the richness of cheese, just refreshing and never cloying.

Another seven days are taken to soak raisins in French red wine for Red Wine Raisin Walnut Buckwheat Bun to blossom. The raisins are allowed to be thoroughly drunken and give off a humble aroma of wine, which is complementary to the fruitiness of raisins. With light and crunchy walnut chunks, plus our soft and delicate artisan dough, #Celebake Christmas with the freshest delicacies from the bakery.

Glacé French Christmas: Red Wine Cherry Basque Burnt Cheesecake

Christmas cake should never be missed out in a Christmas feast – Homebake offers an unparalleled Christmas cake Red Wine Cherry Basque Burnt Cheesecake for everyone to #Celebake in a new way. This special Basque Cheesecake is crafted of high-quality Japanese eggs, French whipping cream and Australian cream cheese. Its caramelized crust enfolds the creamy and fudgy inner layer. The overflowing rich flavour of cheese and aroma of caramel harmonize in a bite, bringing an exceptional indulgence with the burnt smoothness. At the same time, Homebake delicately spiced up the classic Basque Cheesecake with American black cherries pre-soaked with Christmassy cinnamon and red wine. The winey fragrance, sourness and sweetness of black cherries and toasty cheese blend sophisticatedly. The three-in-one divine tickles your taste buds just like the most scrumptious feast.

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