Wander and Travel to ….Icontact for the best in Eye Care

Hong Kong has one of the highest levels of myopia in the whole world which in turn has meant a large number of shops which cater for glasses and contacts. In a very competitive world, how does a person find the highest levels of quality and professionalism? Customer care is key and one shop that has it in spades is Icontact which is well know for placing the customer first. Soondi (Optometrist) of Icontact was happy to answer some questions. 

There are so many optical shops in HK, why should people come and use Icontact for their glasses and contacts? 

“Founded in 2000, the organization is supervised by a registered Optometrist (Qualified from Hong Kong Polytechnic), who has received professional training and obtained professional qualifications to provide the highest standard of care. She can also use drugs approved by the Pharmaceutical Management Committee for eye examinations. The scope includes not only the fitting of glasses or contact lenses, but also the diagnosis, inspection and correction of a person’s eyes. With many years of rich experience, we always rely on careful and professional services and judgment to guard everyone’s pair of eyes as we care about our customers!”

What are some the services you provide? 

“Our professional eye examination services include:

Corneal Orthopedics, Binocular Coordination, Cataract Inspection, Colour Vision Test, Intraocular Pressure Measurement, Vision Training, Macular Disease, Refractive Test, Professional Visual Examination (Children and Adults), Professional Eyeglasses and Contact Lens Fitting.” 

What are some tips to maintain good and stable eyesight?

“After every 30-40 minutes of reading or using the computer, eyes should rest for 3 to 5 minutes. A person should also avoid irritating their eyes with strong light, and wear sunglasses that can block ultraviolet light.

If a person stays up late, avoid using your eyes, to look at screens, for a long time. Also check your eyes regularly to understand the condition of your eyes.”

You have some loyal customers – Is it because your customers are the number on priority? 

“We take a very customer-oriented spirit to provide the best service to every guest who comes. In the process of eye examination, in order to make everyone relax and avoid stress or over-tension, we will use a variety of methods to solve a problem and test to get the most accurate results.

What we give to customer’s is our utmost care and we treat every guest carefully! We treat them as friends, and over time, we will build a friendship and this builds loyalty.”

Address: Rm A, 5/F, Shun Pont Commercial Building, 5-11 Thomson Road, Wan Chai

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