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Wander and Travel to…Vietnamese Pho Specialists – Eat Fuh – In Sai Ying Pun

The incredibly popular Vietnamese eatery, Eat Fuh is venturing outside of its native Australia for the very first time – and it has chosen Hong Kong, Sai Ying Pun.

Since 2015, Eat Fuh has won Australian hearts with its no fuss, back to basic ethos: let premium quality produce and time-tested traditional ingredients and recipes to speak for itself. At Eat Fuh, there is no fusion nor any modern twists. The Vietnamese noodle soup recipe has been refined by generations, each adding their family touches to evolve to the flavour you can now taste. It is what Eat Fuh offers their customers. The allure of star anise and cloves wafting through the air tug customers off the street and into any one of eight Eat Fuh throughout Sydney. The expansion of Eat Fuh is testament to customer’s demand for quality and a hearty noodle soup that hugs you from the inside and now the aromatic air is flowing into Hong Kong.

This April, Hong Kong too can slurp down a truly hearty cooked-from-scratch broth of beef bones, oven roasted spices and dig into tender meat and scrumptious Mekong Delta herbs. It will be like immersing yourself into a Saigon street corner, plummeting your bottom onto a little street vendor’s stool and diving nose first into the bowl. Except you are in Sai Yin Pun.  

At the very centre of Eat Fuh’s menu are its three pillar trio of fuhs – beef, chicken, and vegetarian.

The Beef Fuh Noodle Soup is the King of Fuhs. Prepared daily with 30 kilos of beef bones ranging from back bones to oxtails – it is the goodness of eight hour simmering bone marrow that does the heavy lifting in awakening our prehistoric instinct for a good feed. This base is then enhanced with wide ranging variety of spices and flavours beginning with cinnamon to roasted ginger and cardamon to give the broth its true complexity.

The Rare Beef Fuh Noodle Soup (HK$78) features Australian New Zealand rib eye while the Beef Fuh Combo Noodle Soup (HK$98) comes with added meat balls, tripe, tendons, and flank steak slices for an all-out feast of the carnivore.

Similarly, but not any less meticulous, the Chicken soup base is a four-hour simmering affair of over 50 kilos of locally sourced chickens. Included also are the same fragrant spices and produce that gives that undeniable “fuh” flavour. Chicken Fuh Noodle Soup (HK$78) and Chicken Fuh Combo Noodle Soup (HK$98) features both chicken meat and offal.

The Vegetarian Fuh Noodle Soup ($78) is the epitome of comfort soul food. The broth is based on five cooked-from-scratch root vegetables that results in a sweetness that is light, refreshing, and pure. With no hesitation, the Vegetarian Fuh is no second fiddle to its meat alternatives. This rich broth is served with soft rice noodles, tofu, cabbage, mushrooms and garnished with sprouts, spring onions, basil, lemon, and chilli.

Another crowd favourite is Eat Fuh’s Signature Beef Stew Noodle Soup (HK88) and is an elevated classic on its own. The soup base is prepared with over 30 kilos of beef, spices and colonial French inspired ingredients that create the perfect balancing act of spice and sweetness.

The White Meat Noodle Soup (HK$88) fuses the best of land and sea, where the chicken noodle soup is enhanced with a melange of toppings including pork belly, chicken, prawns, egg and a generous helping of fresh coriander, bean sprouts and garlic chives.

The party continues with Eat Fuh’s snack menu. Favourites include Lemongrass Grilled Chicken (HK$98 for half-chicken, HK$188 for the whole bird and limited availability to 24 whole chicken per day). The locally-farmed birds are marinated with lemongrass, spices, and Asian herbs, and grilled until golden brown and crispy. Other snack highlights include deep fried prawn cakes and fish cakes served alongside special tangy dipping sauce.

Customers can place advanced takeaway orders online at and schedule pick-up time, alternatively a QR code scan is available for direct order from the menu with quick pick-up on the restaurant premise. Eat Fuh HK soft opens on April 15, 2021.

Eat Fuh Hong Kong
Address:G/F, 345A Queen Road West, Sai Ying Pun
Operating hours:Monday-Sunday, 11am- 9pm
Payment Method:Amex, Visa, Master, Union Pay, Apple Pay, WeChat Pay, AliPay. No cash is accepted

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