Wander and Travel to Chow Sang Sang’s trendy new Wong Tai Sin Store

Jewellery brand Chow Sang Sang has called Hong Kong home for more than 80 years. In order for this household brand to continue to thrive, new retail concepts are introduced to show brand vitality and how it can integrate into the local community. The new store in Wong Tai Sin has brought in for the first time Vivian Ho, a young and energetic artist born after the 1990s, to help bring the district’s traditions and characteristics to vision, hoping to bring the relationship closer between community culture and jewelry, revealing a unique local human touch along the way.

The incense-filled Wong Tai Sin Temple is known for its deities and how they can make wishes come true, making the temple a favourite among devotees and over the years, an essential part of the city’s culture. Inspired by this tradition, the new store not only collaborated with Vivian Ho to create colourful murals, it also pays homage to the temple’s tradition on how devotees would ask for answers from the deities with prayer sticks. The store has set up a Chow Sang Sang Prayer Corner, where customers can get their blessings in a modern way with its limited editions of twelve trendy, lucky signatures from the deities.  They are definitely one of a kind, and its regional flavor illustrates the unlimited blessings and protections to loved ones.

Vivian is known for her vivid and realistic painting style, and she incorporated her youthful energetic signature on the murals in the new store.  Inspired by the traditional characteristics of the Wong Tai Sin district, she expertly illustrates the everyday lives with vitality and style. The mural includes a marriage proposal, mahjong actvities, gifts giving during wedding festivities and more. The characters in the mural all wear different jewellery, and these small details all imply the important role jewellery plays in our traditional culture, which is to bless our loved ones. Furthermore, the twelve signatures from the Prayer Corner all have different, playful meanings. They provide suggestions for matching accessories, allowing customers to pick out that special piece for someone they love.

After graduating from the United States majoring in oil painting and economics, Hong Kong-born Vivian returned home where she has been inspired by local culture since little. “The murals depict daily lives of locals in Wong Tain Sin,” says Vivian, who drew inspiration from her neighbourhood. “You can see residents chatting and playing mahjong, or heading to the temple searching for answers. I grew up with these around me and it’s just very comfortable. For the twelve lucky signatures, I took the original wordings and meaning from the temple and integrated them with catchy phrases such as ‘Your wish is granted; ‘Day Day Level up’; ‘Wind cannot blow us apart’ and more; these are all our visions and hopes for life.”

Chow Sang Sang Hong Kong, Regional General Manager – Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan, Maggie Li expressed how she hopes an innovative collaboration like this can preserve the district’s unique traditions, “Wong Tai Sin plays an important role in Hong Kong’s traditional culture. Vivian’s trendy artistic touches hopes to use the lively murals and signatures to strengthen the brand’s regional characteristics with this new retail concept, creating a new image and promotes traditional culture to the younger generation.

Chow Sang Sang has been supporting the Hong Kong art scene for a long time, sponsoring the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre and Hong Kong Sinfonietta and more. We hope art can bring positive values to the city and send more positive messages to the general public.”

Chow Sang Sang is launching a series of activities just for the opening. Apart from the electronic interactive blessing game, there’s a chance to obtain product discounts as well as limited goodie bags from the store. In addition, the twelve lucky signatures are only limited to the new store, allowing everyone to send good fortunes to relatives and friends anytime anywhere. The signatures also have recommended accessories for the general public such as the Gold Dragon Charm, which is a token for achieving great success at work. You can also choose the 18K white gold diamond and star necklace, and it will take care of you like a guardian, leading you on a path to a happy and joyous life.

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